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Artist: Madeleine Peyroux
Madeleine Peyroux Author
Song Title: Careless Love
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( Bessie Smith )

Love, oh love, oh careless love,

You've fly though my head like wine

You've wrecked the life

Of many a poor girl

And you nearly spoiled this life of mine

Love, oh love, oh careless love,

In your clutches of desire

You've made me break a many true vow

Then you set my very soul on fire

Love, oh love, oh careless love,

All my happiness bereft

Cause you've filled my heart with weary old blues

Now I'm walkin' talkin' to myself

Love, oh love, oh careless love,

Trusted you now it's too late

You've made me throw my old friend down

That's why I sing this song of hate

Love, oh love, oh careless love,

Night and day I weep and moan

You brought the wrong man into this life of mine

For mysins till judgement I'll atone

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