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Artist: Madison Avenue
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Song Title: How Can I Run
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Yet it's only when you're with me, you never seem to care
(I'd like to see how you handle life out there)
And I hope that when you're sleeping, you're falling through nightmares
('cause I couldn't help you, I wouldn't want to, I'll let you fall asleep tonight alone)

Is it worth it to wait here for you
I've been thinking why don't I just go

I've been thinking, yes hours for
And now charades are through

When you wake up in the morning, and there is no one there
(Don't come to me complain how life's unfair)
Please baby bring the waterworks it's the end of all your fakes
('cause I wouldn't need you, I shouldn't have to, I'll let you fall asleep tonight alone)

Is it worth it to wait here for you
I've been thinking why don't I just go

(Can I sleep by you tonight)
See how you break me baby
(Can I be the one thats by your side)
I'll never speak to you again
(Can I sleep by you tonight)
The only color now is black
(Can I be the one thats by your side)
So just ride

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