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Artist: Madness
Madness Author
Album: Keep Moving (1984)
Madness - Keep Moving Album
Song Title: Keep Moving
Genre: Ska
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Hurry up
Don't slow down
Pick a time
Don't let hands pull you down
If you're waiting

Have it up
Move along
Say goodbye
Don't let words stay too long
If you're leaving

It read
We missed you
Between the lines
It said hold it high
With a smile
Speak out loud
With the mind of a child
If you're lucky

It read
We missed you
Between the lines
It said hurry up

We really must be going there's no time to delay
We have to leave our message because we can't stay
It really is important so remember take care
Please keep on moving 'cos there's nobody there

It read
We missed you
Between the lines it said
We've waited for so long
But now it's time t-t-to keep moving along

Here and there are the signs
On the road give way to stop and go
When you're moving

It read
We missed you
Between the lines it said
We've waited for so long
But now it's time to to to keep moving along

Keep moving, you've got to keep moving
Keep, keep, you've got to keep moving
to keep moving along

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