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Artist: Madonna
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Song Title: Paradise (Not for Me)
Genre: Dance
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I can't remember
When I was young
I can't explain
If it was wrong
My life goes on
But not the same
Into your eyes
My face remains

[I've been so high]
I've been so down
[Up to the skies]
Down to the ground

I was so blind
I could not see
Your paradise
Is not for me

Autour de moi
Je ne vois pas
Qui sont des anges
Surement pas moi
Encore une fois
Je suis cass?e
Encore une fois
Je n'y crois pas
All around me
I could not see
Who are the angels
Surely not me
Once more again
I am broken
Once more again
I don't believe it


I've been so high
I've been so down
Up to the skies
Down to the ground

There is a light
Above my head
Into your eyes
My face remains


I can't remember
When I was young
Into your eyes
My face remains

Into your eyes
My face remains

(chorus, repeat

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