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Artist: Magnitude 9
Magnitude 9 Author
Song Title: Another World
Genre: Rock
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Chart a course to the of unknown
where the sun and the moon may show
to a place where no one`s been before

And the tide is rising higher every day
the risk is greater the longer that we wait

I hear voices of doubt, haunting my every move
as we keep our eyes to the starlit sky
we journey onward,
with hopes of what we`ll find
We`re crossing over to another world

Our fears controlling every step we take
Could this decision be the last that we make

I hear voices of doubt, haunting my every move
as we keep our eyes to the starlit sky
we journey onward,
with hopes of what we`ll find
We`re crossing over to another world


I hear voices of doubt haunting my every move
as we keep our eyes, to the starlit sky
we journey onward with hopes of what we`ll find
we`re crossing over, to another the other side.......

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