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Artist: Magno
Song Title: Dip Set
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Yeah, it's your boy Magnificent

AKA Magno ya heard, the Rookie of the Year coming soon

Putting it down, Swisha House Swisha Blast

Collection Plate, is now being sent around baby, yeah

[Hook - 2x]

Magnificent 3rd (3rd), Magno coast (coast)

What I grip (grip), nigga that 4-4

What I flip (flip), swangas and 4's (4's)

Magno, Magno, Magno, Magno


Down South we keep a clip in the Regal, as if it was legal

Niggas on the block, flipping them eagles

That's a very big verb, very quick with slick verbs

I'm down South, so you know I sip syrup

And pop handle bars, dodge cops with scanner cards

I was 13, popping holes on my handle bars

That's my peddle bike, before I got my cheddar right

This is 3rd Coast, let me show you what my ghetto like

North Houston, Greenspoint to be exact

We double hustle, sell c.d.'s with a ki attached

See me in the cleanest Lac, G.P. where you'll see me at

Koopa told you, it don't take a true genius act

That you don't know my green is stacked, haters I love those

They make me click, and flick buggars out the snub nose

Oops now the club closed, time to plug hoes

We roll spinners down South, look at my Dubs go

[Hook - 2x]


Blow on trees hoes on knees, fo's or threes

The H roll swangas, D-Town roll G's


H roll swangas, D-Town roll G's

H roll swangas, D-Town roll G's

It's Magno I bust flows at ease I gotta keep that flow blazing

Like a unemployed doctor, I got no patients

Gotta keep that money coming, so why you dummies fronting

Like I ain't fucking your bitch, and got your honey cumming

Getting brain frequent

I don't handcuff em, I don't know where your freak went


I don't handcuff em, I don't know where your freak went

I don't handcuff em, I don't know where your freak went

I get Cali, with my L.A. peers

I'm like the Denver Broncos, in they Elway years

Mean whips screens lit, like some L.A. gears

You click and chill with the mean shit, I can tell they queers

New glock uzi new hot floozy, that'll give brain

Without spilling a stain on my new Bykuzie

Yes that's a Celtics throwback, you can tell we wrote that

That's them haters whining, mad cause I'm getting mo' cash

[Hook - 2x]

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