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Artist: Magno
Song Title: Just to Get By
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Uh Magno, the Rookie of the Year coming soon

Collection Plate baby, holla


I get by, with a G a week

In other words, I get a G to speak

And put words together, vault open come and serve the cheddar

That's all, for putting verbs together

I'm slick with the ladies, Mag' never hang where them gay's be

Watch me freestyle, from the known where my ways be

I love rap, cash flow is great

Won't be long till I build, the Magno Estates

And pull up in a Lac, chrome with dayt's

That's plural, I turn all my flows into murals

On the wall somewhere, niggas stay watching my ice

My rocks, bigger than Monopoly dice

You cop it once, then I'm copping it twice

You jocking my life, I'ma hog the mic homeboy till my broccoli's right

Y'all broke still, me I'm never grumpy

Cause my pockets stay lumpy, like bad Oatmeal

Niggas think I'm going pop, like a firecracker

Don't make me get out of character, like retired actors

I spit the throwdest bars, only floss the coldest cars

Dick stay between lips, like soda straws


I spit flows, just to get by

When I grab the mic, you know I spit fly

Feeling my high's, and my low's

I spit flows, and get do'

I do shows come back, and stack grands

I show love, to all of my fans

Never turn Hollywood, cause I learned

That God could take back, everything I earned

Just to get by, just to get by

Just to get by, just to get by

Feeling my high's, and my low's

I spit flows, and get do'

I do shows come back, and stack grands

I show love, to all of my fans

Never turn Hollywood, cause I learned

That God could take back, everything I earned

Just to get by


I keep your dame phony smiling

She hoping I'ma give her my foot long weener, like James Tony Island

Magno, bound to be that name Sony signing

Prolly next June, you gon be her ex soon

Cause she after the green, she love my flow

Even though I'm complicated, like Aviril Levine

But uh, that's out of the question

If a nigga talk down, I'm throwing bullets straight out of the Wesson

Fuck y'all I tuck y'all, like a back of a shirt

Fuck around and find yourself, in the back of a hearse

I'll make a hospital trip, start clapping your nurse

That's my style you don't like me, I'm attacking you first

My crib got golden gates, like San Francisco

Magno the kid, that got more cookies than Nabisco

Ice on my pinky, is the reason that my fist glow

My sick flow, is the reason Magno flip do'

Do I trick no, but I give the chicks dick no

They love to give me head, but they never get licked low

Cause I make hoes faint

When I pull up in that deuce and a quarter, fresh Macco paint, I get by


Uh yeah, Magno ya heard

It's the Rookie of the Year, uh

Back on the block with it

Straight spitting mayn, no chorus

Taking it right back to hip-hop baby

This how we do it, uh

Banging greens feel with it, licking green East

Cashmore Garden, got fam over there baby

Acres Home, 5th Ward what's up

Uh, putting it down, Magno ya heard, holla

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