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Artist: Magnum
Magnum Author
Album: Sleepwalking (1992)
Magnum - Sleepwalking Album
Song Title: Sleepwalking
Genre: Rock
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Lost in the shadows,
Rain clouds all day,
There's a ghost in the mirror,
Well I'm gone but I'm not too far away.

Poor little sisters,
Easy to find,
Oh! You heard me come knocking,
Saying Jesus is a friend of mine.

Hear no evil,
See no evil,
Speak no evil.

I must be sleepwalking,
Can't believe that sweet talking.

No magic red shoes
Under my bed.
Well there's no need to worry,
The wicked witch of the East is dead

Jonothan Seagull
Taught me to fly,
While the father and husband
Is sot down by the Catcher in the Rye.

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