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Artist: Main Source
Song Title: Hellavision
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* features Mikey D as the rapper instead of the Large Professor

(Verse 1:)

Now I'm a flip the track and bring you back to reality

I'm like Wesley Snipes, I act without a salary

Cause I don't need nobody sayin "Lights, Camera, Action!"

I act on reaction

Fuck what you see on television

Cause nowadays all of us live in the hellavision

On every single channel it's the same old sane

Brothers' poppin their brain

Or gettin wrecked at a soccer game

Six brothers fallin victim to the street

After mad ? tribe vibes rollin in the black jeep

Every other channel spent its money on the talk shows

From Oprah to Horazo, everybody in New York knows

But when a brother gets real

They make the story opposite

And try to offer niggas raw deals


Television tells lies to the vision

The world's a prison

We're livin in hellavision

(Verse 2:)

Every day your lie to me is drama

But not the type of drama that my T.V. shows

Because it makes the drama calmer

When a lady's caught cheatin

She sets with the next man

And doesn't even catch a ass-beatin

Reality check - that's what the T.V. said

Cause in real life it's two to the fuckin head

Samedy Sam fillin bugs with slugs

Wild ? is cookin up these deadly drugs

Bart Simpson is cursin up for storm

And children love this shit man, come on

I see kids that say bringin guns to school

Ten year old crack heads and that ain't cool

My four year old daughter curses worse than Bart

Straight from my heart, it's tearin me apart


(Verse 3:)

And now, hip hop is labelled as a violencer

Like everyone who rhymes packs a gat with the silencer

Every other ? hip hopper goes to prison

Over some dumb shit or for the real life livin

But who's to know what we've been goin through

When all you see is one side of us

The side the T.V. be showing you

You never hear about the stress or the work

Or the hard times we had or hip hop was getting jerked

You only see us in the limelight

But when the night comes, we're always linked to crime, right?

Man - what I've been through is strife

Yo - they could make fifty movies of my motherfuckin life

And there's a million like me

The people you don't see

When you watch your everyday T.V.


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