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Artist: Main Source
Song Title: Large Professor
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I'll advance to your backside foot and put
Nine prints and diss a meantimes where the sun don't shine
So get a flah of the spotlight fast
You got kicked in the ass by the man with the eyes of glass
Slide from me you money kicking the dull crap
I'll make your skull snap seeing me all at
In this here field my foot equals yield
Your brain is simple and reveal while mine is sealed
Coming up with the archeological finds
Funk drums allow me to spark you with rhymes
The mic's my instrument, my skills are infinite, catch a hint from it
Cause it's the Large Professor

While you was doing the butt, I was putting game down
You frowned before now you wear the same frown
Just as long as the buck I sit when I think
I couldn't care less who was jelling the Profess-or
Sir Scratch and K-Cut the Main Source
Back to break more atoms of course
With the beat no more melodious, votes I suprise folks
I'm as sharp as a toothpick, come and watch the youth kick
The game so tough cause the shine I'll scuff
Busting the fluff cause I'm just that tough
The mic's my instrument, my skills are infinite, catch a hint from it
Cause it's the Large Professor

I stomp supposed comp like a posse
Brothers try to squash me, so I speak harshly
On the constant truth of the Main Source crew
I peruse the place jsut to see what I can do
To stupid MC's whose rhymes sound fabricated
Heads get deflated when the Professor's untranslated
Style gets everyday play
Brothers on the butters can't flip the Parkay
Their mouths are sealed like Zip-Loc bags
Fake like wrestling and small like frags
The mic's my instrument, my skills are infinite, catch a hint from it
Cause it's the Large Professor

Finessing the songs like this, babblists get bust with the quickness
Baby hit the mist
You want to feel hard times, then friend say your rhymes
The results will be about 10 volts in your mind
I'll electrify, your brain is hollow like a tunnel
I squeeze out doubt like a funnel
I'm the MS rep on the microphone
If I say what you don't like, go home
That's why the places I play stay packed
You like what I say and you always come back
The mic's my instrument, my skills are infinite, catch a hint from it
Cause it's the Large Professor

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