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Artist: Majestic
Song Title: Blood Of The Tail
Genre: Rock
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I'll take your command, right out in the feilds

I'm leaving my spirit when the oceans turns to sea

I'm crossing the darkness when you want me to kiss you goodnight

I pray for your soul in my holy land, the earth is trembling across in devils home

Im praying for mercy as the lightning controlling the sky

heaven is screaming, angels of hell

Let light surround you

With the flames from the heat of the sky don't ask me why

There's no time, power of pain walks triugh my window

I've been there, since you've been gone blood of the tail was here

There's no way to go, I'm left here alone

they placed me a timebomb with no exit way to go

The love from my heart turns to violence

It's fadding away

I pray for our soul in my holy land, the earth is

trembling like a cross in devils home

I'm praying for mercy as the lightning coms rolling the sky

Captures by moonlight, stressed from the start

Centuries carving, as the bird form the sky falling down arrows will fly

Candle light Show me the way, into the secrets

Sacred hearts lie on the ground killed by the fortune

There's no time, power of pain walks trough my window

I've been there, since you've been gone blood of the tail was here

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