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Artist: Malmsteen Yngwie
Malmsteen Yngwie Author
Album: Marching Out (1985)
Malmsteen Yngwie - Marching Out Album
Song Title: Dont Let It End
Genre: Instrumental
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"You say the end of time is coming far too near
My love for life is torn in vain through all the years
What's the answer to the question
that we have been searching for
Can you tell?

Don't wanna fall apart before we have a chance
to try again
Don't let it end...

I tried so hard to make it right for you and I
Your sacred promises have all become a lie

Is this your idea of destiny?
'Cause if it is, just set me free

You can not fool me with your stories being told
My God it brings me down, I feel I'm growing old

Is this your idea of destiny?
'Cause if it is, just set me free

No, please don't end it now, there is so much more
We can do, you know...don't let it end...

Let's gather what we had and build it up, again
It used to be so good, oh, please don't let it end

No, please don't end it now, there is so much more
We can do, you know...don't let it end...

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