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Artist: Mandragora
Song Title: Cryin Clouds
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I know the heroI know the omens turn to fightlosin' forever your self cry and burnin'highHell and Heaven, open the doors over thelightlookin' for somethin' that can take awayyour prideI know the heroI know the castle burns on firecome and help menow that your faith can save my lifenow give me your light, you're the hero of mymindAngels are cryin'while their wings are flying hightowards the twilightwhere they try to find their sightA universal mind...ever and ever comes to life,can you forever...ever and ever come inside?I know the heroI know the castle burns on firecome here and save menow that your light can rape my mindcome here and help're the hero ofmy timeI know the heromy mind and my heart burst on fire...come here and save meyou're the hero of my mind...

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    But now I feel my gloomy Prince
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    Only this time can change your mindyou can't live without your sighsI lost my life to save my prideI believe in all my cryin'Live in all my cryin' without your sighsonly your faith can make you flyyou have feigned to say your liesI can live wihout your eyesI see the twilight in your sigh....

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