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Artist: Mandy Barnett
Song Title: Im Gonna Change Everything
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Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything
That holds a memory of you, oh yeah
I'm gonna start with the walls, take the pictures off the walls
And burn 'em
Move the chairs around, take the window curtains down
And burn 'em
Everything I see reminds me you were here
Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything
That holds a memory of you, oh yeah
The candelabra set you gave me on the night of my birthday
Records that you bought, records we loved to play
The decorating man will come and rearrange things
Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything
That holds a memory of you, oh yeah

Take the carpet off the floor, throw it out the door
It's filled with tears
Everything I find that brings you to my mind
Must disappear
Every night I dream I'll dream of someone new
Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything
That holds a memory of you
Yeah, I'm Gonna Change Everything
That holds a memory of you, oh yeah

Oh yeah

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