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Artist: Manhattan Transfer
Song Title: Coo Coo-U
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Coo Coo U I think you're coo coo, coo coo u
How did you get so coo coo -- how did you?

They say it's a fact that your head is cracked
(I think that you are loco)
You have blown your stack you're a maniac
(I think that you are loco)
I just heard the news that you blew a fuse
(I think that you are loco)
You're a paranoid and your head's a void
(I think that you are loco)

(Look In The Mirror)
You are in a fog since you slipped a cog
(I think that you are loco)
They will set you free with lobotomy
(I think that you are loco)
Your cerebral vault has a single fault
(I think that you are loco)
It is quite well known you've become a clone
(I think that you are loco)

Coo Coo U I think you're coo coo, coo coo u
How did you get so coo coo - how did you?

(What's on the news?)
Seen any good games shows lately?
I like the news.
I like game shows!

Psychoneurasthenic too much T.V.

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