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Artist: Manhattan Transfer
Song Title: Spies In The Night
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Shadows looking through an open window
Footsteps following wherever you go
Undercover eyes
Search to find the key to alibis
Living in a hideaway
You can't hide
You can never get away
They'll find you
Be aware of strangers in the dark

Jealous lovers quarrel in suspicion
Passions justifying their positions
Vengeance on the rise
Now they're throwing daggers from their eyes
Maybe they can find a way
Past their pride
Live and let it die away
If not they'll
Lie a lot and fight a lot
But you beware
'Cause in the air they're

Spies in the night
They go wherever you are
You're in their sight
Watch out for spies in the cold, cold, restless night

Heartache like a burning, turning fever
Someone tells his girl that he will leave her
Ooo her ravaged eyes
Kiss goodbye the years of hidden lies

Photos taken on display he denies
But the cheating heart will pay
She says you lie a lot
And fight a lot
but it's in vain
You can't explain 'cause

Spies in the night
They go wherever you are
You're in their sight
Watch out for spies in the night

Sorry, now you will pay

Cheryl: Hello
Alan: The winds are calm in the channel.
Cheryl: The boat will sail at midnight.
Alan: Listen very carefully to me. I don't have much time and I'm being watched.
Cheryl: You're being watched - By who?
Alan: I have your pictures.
Cheryl: Oh. Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me.
Alan: Do you have my money?
Cheryl: Yes. Of course I do.
Alan: Meet me in an hour. Position A. Code 3XZ. I'll...
Cheryl: Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!

Spies in the night
They go wherever you are
You're in their sight
Watch out for spies in the night

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