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Artist: Manmade God
Song Title: The Path
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Souls they float like the memories I've opened

Go and kiss all the butterflies I've broken

Sow their wings to the coat of my misfortune

Grow to reach the plains I have only spoken


I'm walking on a river

I'm handing out the bread to my father's son

I'm looking at this lonely land

And I'm standing in the eye of a hurricane

Waterfalls upon my hair

Wash away all the tangles in my head

I look inside the pool

It's my reflection

Now I've reached a higher place.


I'm tearin' down a temple

Be alright, gonna build me another one

Won't see me getting tired

I'd break my back just to be inside again

Be inside again...

Be inside again...

Be inside again...

Well I've had years and years of doubt

Now it's gone.

And I've had years and years of doubt

Now it's gone.

And I've had years and years of doubt

And now it's gone.

And I've had years and years of doubt

Now it's gone.

And I've had years and years of doubt

Now it's gone.

And I've had years and years of doubt

Now it's gone...

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