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Artist: Mannie Fresh
Song Title: these hoes
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voice whisper[I feel it]
other voice[this is a public service anouncment]

mannie:once opun a time in this place called club//
met this cutie wit big booty so I gave that girl a dub//
later on that night we had plans and shit//
if you take from the club then I'm gonna let you hit//
if I take you from the club will you always be in love and you prmise not to another man//[I do!]
see she looked me in my face//
put her hands up on my waist//
and said yes baby yes I understand//
now my life is like,happy//
bout to be a pappy//
and it's all because of my girl//
but just,then,a nigga walked in and what he said fucked-up my whole world//
he said yo bitch,and my bitch been kissin each other//
I,had,relations wit yo bitch and didn't use a rubba//
my blood rushed down and my heart touched the ground it felt like somebody stabbed me wit a knife//
somebody get my gun,can't change a hoe to a house wife

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