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Artist: Mano Negra
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Song Title: Love hate
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I love your lips
And I love your legs
I love your eyes
Baby you got style
I love your clothes
And I love your smile
I love you, I love you
I love you while
You don't even look at me
And I go crazy
For all the women
That I never had
Of Love &Hate
I hate the boys
Walkin' by your side
I hate my dreams
They're not satisfied
I hate me, babe,
For being too shy
I hate you while
You don't even look at me
And I go crazy
You neighbour's sweetheart
You magazin girl
You striptease bird
>From the underworld
You sweet sixteen
You little dames
You late thirties
Sweet japaneses
Ornella Muti
Si jolie mademoiselle
Vous etes ma folie
Vous etes si belles
I love your body
Baby you got style
You fly so high
When you're passin' by
It makes me laugh
And it makes me cry
Makes me want to die
When there's no reason why
For all the women
That I never had
I sing my song
Of Love &Hate
Sing my song

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