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Artist: Manowar
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Song Title: Achilles Agony Ecstasy
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I) hector storms the wall

See my chariot run to your ships Ill drive you back to the sea

You came her for gold the wall will not hold

This day was promised to me

The gods are my shield lightning and javelins fly

Soon many will fall we are storming the wall

Stones fall snow from the sky

We will pay with our glory in the fire of battle

Zeus today is mine

Killing all in my way like sheep and like cattle

Smashing skulls of all who defy

I spare not the hammer I spare not the sword

This day will ring with my name

None have to chase me let he who will face me

Kill me or die by the sword

Ii) the death of patroclus

Oh friend of mine, how to say goodbye

This was your time, but the armor you wore was mine

I will not rest until hectors blood is spilled

His bones will all be broken dragged across the field

This dear friend is how well say goodbye

Until we meet in the sky

Iii) funeral march

Iv) armor of the gods

V) hectors final hour

Here inside the walls of troy, the gods weigh my fate

From this bay do I abstain, to a memory of hate

To pay for all the blood that spilled the many thousands I did kill

No walls can contain the gods almighty will

I hear the silent voices I cannot hide

The gods leave no choices so we all must die

Oh achilles let thy arrows fly, into the wind, where eagles cross the sky

Today my mortal blood will mix with sand it was foretold

I will die by thy hand into hades my soul descend

Vi) death hectors reward

Cowards in the grip of fear, no valor to uphold

Cut into the earth, with honor long been sold

For all shall come to know me as they fall unto their knees

Zeus the thunderer, control my destiny

When the cards of life were bealt my hand a ruthless fate

To avenge, and bringeth fury, hector feel my hate

A bloodbath I was born to bring, by birth Im an assassin

To cut the cord of life and death ties to earth unfasten

Blood and fire death and hate, your body I will desecrate

Dogs and vultures eat your flesh the hall of hades waits


Hectors blood lies on the battlefield his bodys mangled wounds

The gods who once protected him are now his gods of doom,

Like a tower standing tall, steadfast in direction

I fall upon you bringing death, the gods give no protection

Coward in the grip of fear, no valor to uphold

Cut into the earth, with honor long been sold

For all shall come to know me, as they fall unto their knees

Zeus the thunderer, control my destiny

Blood and fire death and hate, your body I will desecrate

Dogs and vultures eat your flesh the hall of hades waits


Vii) the desecration of hectors body

Viii) the glory of achilles

The oath of the gods, this day was fulfilled

In the heat of the battle, hector was killed

See him patroclus, down in the dust

Rejoice in his death my symbol of trust

A dozen highborn youths, have been killed

Cutting their throats their blood was all spilled

Their bodies set at the foot of your fire

With oxen, sheep and two of your hounds

Your funeral pyre high off the ground

Hectors body dragged three times around

I will carry the torch to your funeral pyre

I will ask of the wind to send high your fire

Hectors blood will not be washed from my body

Until your body is burned

A prophecy spoken a promise fulfilled

More blood will be spilled, more will be killed.

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