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Artist: Manticora
Manticora Author
Album: Roots Of Eternity (1999)
Manticora - Roots Of Eternity Album
Song Title: The Flood
Genre: Metal
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(The timegate is closed...)

(They came from a galaxy far away
to fight their holy war in
The pliocene world called Terra
The manycolored land)

They take a sadistic delight of destroying
In a world of coercive power and might
breeding a new type of hyprid child
To conquer the world without a fight
To condemn the power of strength
The astonishing mental capacity
The tool to obstruct the second
Chance of trying for humanity - for humanity

Healing every wound
No sickness - no aging - no dying
Living for a thousand years or more
The human exiles are crying
To serve the exotics of Tana
They're feeling the gray torcs around their necks
All can they stop mental punishment
If unitu'd fight its way through - fight its way through

A group of lowlifes refusing to submit to the host
Making a plan to destroy the ruling race
the non-born king of humans has the solving in his hands
Deceiving his own - and shows his real face

(Yes...we adopted the humans. They fight our battles, they grow our food,
They operate our mines and factories, they administer our commerce,
They infiltrate our sacret guilds,
They mingle their very blood and genes with our own.
But that is not all. We are faced with the ultimate humiliation -
And once again we have brought it upon ourselves.
For a human now aspires to our high kingship...)

Interrogation - humiliation - blind agression - devastation

The maddened raven creates the earthquake
to break down the barrier to the sea
Killing the host with the flood - catastrophe
Water remains there to be

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