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Artist: Marc Almond
Marc Almond Author
Album: Bite,Black and Blues (1984)
Marc Almond - Bite,Black and Blues Album
Song Title: Fun City
Genre: New Age
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Marc Almond - Fun City

I left my town
With a pain in my heart
Not a word of goodbye
To the ones I did love
Taking a train
Away from the rain
To the lights of The Smoke
Got to find my own way now

Fun City, Fun City
To London experience
Fun City, Fun City
To London experience
Backwards, forwards
Wearing out the corner
Fun city, fun city
Here's my inexperience


Have no feelings, have no sex
Wonder who to rip off next

Playland, scandal
Pocket weighs you down
Playland, scandal
Machine handle goes down
Lose all my money
Try to make a killing
Can't even make my fare back home
So this is Fun City

Repeat chorus
(have no money)

I tried to make friends
Tried to make amends
I sunk so low that its
Hard to climb out
I've nowhere to live
Though I've so much to give
I found the hard way
What life's all about

Repeat chorus

I'm all alone
And I'm lost in this city
Feeling degraded
Being paraded
I want to love
And I thought this was the way
But I'm only young
And I'm often this wrong

Repeat chorus

Have no morals
Have no innocence
I'm quite straight
Just playing for the rent

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