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Artist: Marc Almond
Marc Almond Author
Album: Stranger Things (2001)
Marc Almond - Stranger Things Album
Song Title: When Its Your Time
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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When it's your time
It's your time
To cross the line
And who knows
Just how the end will find you
Satisfied unsatisfied
Complete or incomplete
It's all the same
When the dark angel stands behind you
Not always time to say goodbye
We have to die when
Our turn comes in the line
No time to make our peace
Just pray for sweet release
When it's your time
It's your time

When it's your time
It's your time
No time to find the words
That you wish you'd spoken
When it's your time
It's your time
No time to say you're sorry
Or to mend the hearts you've broken
No time for one last kiss
In pain or bliss
We lay in triumph or decline
Alone or with a friend
We never hear the music end
When it's your time
It's your time

When it's your time
It's your time
And time is running out
So lets live for the minute
The future is not ours
And all we have is this moment
As we're living in it
So lets say what's in our hearts
Without delay right from the start
For to regret is but a crime
Don't let your last thought be
I wish I'd said I love you
For when it's your time
It's your time

When it's my time
It's my time
And I hope my time
Has been a time of stars and flowers
A time of love
A time of joy
And though I've shed some tears
There's been much magic in my hours
I hope it's been a thrilling game
And when the bullet has my name
I know the pleasure has been all mine
I hope I've given something good
I hope you've not misunderstood
When it's your time
It's your time


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