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Artist: Marcia Hines
Song Title: Believe In Me
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There'll be a time when everyone is left alone
And I'll have mine
There is no doubt
When everyone has worn me out and gone

When everybody's had their fill
He'll be waiting, he's waiting still
And though he doesn't know I know
I know he wouldn't mind

'Cause having someone believe in me
Is all I need to know
Standing all alone
Is not the way I want to go

And if I get to be a star
Or maybe no where near that far
I know that either way
It doesn't matter much to hi-im

And if I'm on my dying bed
And suddenly my life is dead
Away from me
I know he'll shed a tear because he cares

'Cause having someone believe in me
Is all I need to know
Standing all alone
Is not the way I want to go

Do you...

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