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Artist: Nappy Roots
Nappy Roots Author
Album: Wooden Leather (0)
Nappy Roots - Wooden Leather Album
Song Title: Work In Progress
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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[Intro, spoken: B Stille]
Wise words being spoke
Y'all know what it is
Nap-Nappy Roots. Can I start this one off? Ok

[Verse One-B. Stille]
Each day I listen what the streets say
Like a DJ my negroes scratch ghetto recordings, for my peoples
Got the eyes of an eagle, can't see us ever being at peace for a reason
Cause we ain't never being equal
And got us believing we heathens, uncivil soldiers of evil
Reach up and assume the position, you know the procedure
Can't even leisure smoke hollow reefer
With out police and search and seizure by the same police who murdered Ceaser
It's brutal
Seeing them treat us like lower creatures than human beings
More so like aliens
Touring the land of Europeans
Seeming to have the tendency to think we ignorant
Cause of our pigment, can't take away a nigga's dignity though
Still I pimp the industry hoe
And even when I'm rich I'm a pretend to be poor
My life's a work in progress, soon to be end of the road
But I don't stress cause I have been her before, you know

My life's a work in progress
(and even though I'm rich I'm gonna pretend to be poor)
My life's a work in progress
(but I don't stress cause I have been here before)
My life's a work in progress
(and even though I'm rich I'm gonna pretend to be poor)
My life's a work in progress
(but I don't stress cause I have been here before)

[Verse two-Ron Clutch]
In life
Every step you take
Every right every left you make
You can look at it like chess in a way
Cause life is best when you take your time
Don't make a move, unless you done made up your mind
Play by the rules

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