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Artist: Nashville Pussy
Song Title: Mackin
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first off i wanna send this one out
to all my dogs in Nashville
welcome to my world
N-A-S-H comin at ya

we be mackin in da club
or in dar bar with my niggas
just kickin in it with da hoes
cuz u know we all gettin it on tonite
nashville pussy is some of the greatest
pussy you'll ever have my friend
and it's clean cuz these bitches
ain't been around...yet
me and my boys gonna pass em 'round
like a damn football

then they wanna come around askin
to suck our cocks cuz they luv it
bitch better get your ass on that
bed and let me fuck
she can't suck dick for shit
but she sure know how to fuck

i also fucked her mother,
but dont tell her dad
her mom knew what she was doin
MIAF cuz she's a Mom I Already Fucked

so back to the club to mack some more
the girls know it's on tonite
cuz the moon is brite
and i feel alrite
gonna fuck her rite

mackin' on this chick her name was tammie
she look good enough to be miss miami
she taste so good i had to call her candi
took her to my room she started with some brandy

took off her pants she said she had no panties
boo, you know how many i meet wit no panties
so please tell me something that i don't know
like if we have sex you don't want dough

and if it's not a problem you can meet me at 10
i'll be in room 112, and bring 4 friends
but if they gotta man, don't be real committed
cuz i will hit it, he got to deal with it

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