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Artist: Nasty Boy Klick
Song Title: Dream
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I know that this question raises, all kinds of issues in my mind. this question
is... do you believe in christ? Because I believe that what we experienced, and
it's not being talked about openly enough, was pure evil.

Somtimes i wish this world was just a crazy dream (crazy dream)
somtimes things aren't what they are meant to be, But what they seem...

Somtimes i wish this world was one big dream so many tragedies, life
threatening disease, in reality who can we blame for these things so we pray
for the family and the soul of the people shot dead they cry roaming through
the halls of the school at night, my homie joseph in texas 14 years old police
took his life at his front door, maybe humans have converted in to a beast can
we really point the finger at just one thing is it a sign of the time or just
the beginning i pray to God to help me keep living, jealousy,envy, and so much
hate new born babies thrown in garbage cans everyday, in a lobby of a hospital
a young girl dies, no money to pay so she pays with her life.

(repeat chorus)

How many times must we ask our selves why, and how many times must we watch our
children die.Remember the time we were united as one, growin up as a child,
life was always funtimes have changed and it's been for the worst trials and
tribulations that we face ofcourse time to put our foot down, lets get to know
our young ones before the next tragedy comes and it becomes the realest one
1999, this year is half way over Guess we're now learning that we're not
learning i could of told you Maybe this happened for a reason, only the lord
knows why A message for us to open up our eyes, cuz death awaits us at any
given time My love goes out to those wh

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