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Artist: Nasty Boy Klick Featuring Tracy Celaya
Song Title: Perfect Man
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featuring Angelina

Special dedication
For all the ladies out there
In this whole world
Looking for that perfect man

1 [Angelina]
When I was a little girl
I would sit and dream
Hopin' I would find find a perfect man
Now that I can see true reality
Teardrops fill my eyes
Cuz there is no perfect man

It seems like everyone in this world
Is looking for perfection
But how do we find something that doesn't exist?
That don't exist?
Know what I'm saying?

I would give my life for you, no matter what the situation
Last days of hope, trials and tribulation
Frustrations, killing every woman and man
If you could see what I see, then you might understand
That I could never be a perfect man up in this chaos
A soul with a musical dream like Armadellas
I've given everything, sweat, blood, and tears
And made a vow to the Lord to stay for a million years
I guess too much is never enough
When the silence in our souls begins to erupt
So forgive me girl, if I ruined your plans
I could only try, but never be a perfect man

Repeat 1 while:
Dedicated to my little girl
Daddy loves you, baby

In 11 '98, God blessed me with a perfect baby girl
Such an imperfect world
I cried when she took her first breath
Why God? When this world is filled with hate
And disease, almost fall off the seas
And whether catastrophes
Toward the new millenium shall be
One and a half, too young to understand
And Lord knows this man in his life unperfect
By mistakes, all her learning for, hoping she could learn from
So many caught up in the fast lane
Others, themselves, greed or lust
A little hand, guidance
Made a little heart holdin' all my trust
I'm eye to eye with my destiny
I can't believe I'm staring at God's masterpiece face to face
You'll never understand how much you've changed this man
Who has to learn from scratch
Or at a ways he won't make it
Cuz if perfection is needed
I guarantee to be everything she dreams

Repeat 1 while:
Yeah, this goes out
To the girl that I love
I love you, baby
Just believe me

It's been some time that me and you were still shining
Who'd imagine it'd be you I'd be finding
Someone so real, who took care of my heart
Anybody that tried couldn't pull us apart
You were there from day one 'til this present time
Workin' hard for the money when I couldn't get mine
You should be the definition of what love really is
I know every man wish their girl was like this
I put you through some things, best believe that I'm sorry
My love goes out to you, no more fits the category
Won't talk back and respect what I say
Independant, strong woman, no time for child's play
There's no more of what I got and you still stick around
I'm not the perfect man, but for you I bow down
I wanna be your man 'til the Lord takes us to the clouds
Ain't no perfect man with no perfect woman all around

Repeat 1

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