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Artist: Nasty Boy Klick Featuring Tracy Celaya
Song Title: To My Ballerz Collabo
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featuring Rappin' 4 Tay

[Rappin' 4 Tay]
Yo what's up ('Sup)
4 Tay NBK (NBK)
Colabo (Colabo)
Check it out
We mobbin' like this y'all

[NBK] To my ballerz with the dollaz who be flexxin' the Lexus
[4 Tay] For all the homies and lowriders who be hittin' the switches
[NBK] And to my ladies in the clubs who be shakin' it up
[4 Tay] 4 Tay and NBK showin' love sho' 'nuff
[NBK] To my ballerz with the dollaz who be flexxin' the Lexus
[4-Tay] For all the homies and lowriders who be hittin' the switches
[NBK] And to my ladies in the clubs who be shakin' it up
[4-Tay] 4-Tay and NBK all night, all day

[Rappin' 4-Tay]
How would I rap? How would I rhyme? How would I get me some piece of mine?
Players like to recline, simple and expensive wine
Not that they can't fuck this funk nor this flavor
You best to check that bitch before she catch that freaky behavior
We gettin' these dirty damn presidents (presidents)
For the safety deposit box in my residence
Cuz real players stack a grip, can't be hesitant, maneuver on my cellular
A hundred, a hundred, a hundred, a more profit on the regular
Drop-top double R's, stackin' like Escobar
Gotta get that paper, us Cali players do it all
Genie, garage door opener, haters glancin', keepin' the Feds off-balanced
They can't find my mansion
Three hundred CE's, five hundreds and half-dozens
Just got that plug for my dogs, me and my cousins
Just like them Mafiosos, so let's just make a toast-a
Boss-ballerz, shot callerz, and I'm the force


Now I'm, out the door with my entourage
I hit the button in the ele' to the hundred ground garage
Now we blazin' through your city
All day at the ball, with the show and all these bitches
Got my balls on, tip the valet and get the key
Now we got one more hour until we gots to be onstage
And now we out, yeah, we headin' to the spot
Bouncin' through the avenues, roll up a fatty
You have to see to cruise, and now we out front
Rosa, roach from the blunt, and tell we smokey
We left the VIP person at the gate choking
Arena sold out, for the burnt out extended ?corndale?
Bended defender, twenty-inch bowl into my shows
Ziggy, how you smashing?
In a pro-wide navigator limousine made by Lincoln
You know I put the shine on my Dayton
And the put the bounce in my speakers
Put the high in the chronic, yea, yea, c'mon


For the dollaz, yo, sho' 'nuff video, get the switch off OG's ride
Four-oh-oh ODS, take to the eyes, hella high, right, with the red eyes
Better tip you slow, had a vision the dough when the fo' fo' come round
Our eyes are swoll', hold up, better get that
Flip back, get your back up my mobile
Oh, damnit, we gon' go 4-Tay, NBK, all day, everyday get paid
No doubt for the clan I'm out gon' want, double O on the freeway
Ain't wrong, baby doll, pullin' into your driveway
Walked into your house, bust it out, with a J and a bottle of Tangerade


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