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Artist: Nastyboy Klique
Song Title: Down For Yours
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Down for yours if you?re down for mine
Nastyboy klick, I would die for you
Down for yours if you?re down for mine
Nastyboy klick, are you down for your dj?
Down for yourz if you?re down for mine

I?ll be that man dropping skills
Give your body chills
Let me wine and dine you boo
No doubt that I?ll be good to you
I like a girl that always gots my back
Whenever I need her she?ll be standing with a mac
If you down to represent
And put your trust in me
Ain?t scared of no guns
And let me run the street
Let me do what I gotta do
And show you I?m fine, love you blind
It?s just that hook-ups take time
Aint got to have ends or a place to live
Smoking fat phillies
I?m still down wit you kid
So if you want it, come and get it, don?t take too long
Cause in the valley of az
Finding fly females ain?t hard
So come and take a ride
And if you swing to this bounce
Room 6-0-duece
That?s what I?m all about
Fulfill your fantasies
And all of your desires
Lay back, pop the top up
And let me take you higher

Loving you this way, I?ll never lead you astray
I knew you were my D-O-G, when you put your trust in me
Down for yours if your down for mine (put your trust in me)
I?m down for yours, if your down with my flow, keep it comin
I?m always down for my g
Down for yours if you?re down for mine

Now all I need is a shorty with a mac like that
Victoria secret, champagne, and bubble baths
Let the magic man rub you down like a magic lamp
And I?m getting 3 wishes
I likes that
Cause ain?t nobody in this whole wide world
Abouts to giving you lovin like this duke of earl, uhh,
Feel the lovin that I gots for you
My wet candy, flowers, and some diamonds too
Just to let you know how I feel for you
I dedicate my life and my soul to you
So now that you?ve been thinking of a man for your life
I promise if I get it
I?m a treat you right
Never playa hatin
And always down to sex me
And every time I see you
Giving much respect to me
I?ll be down for yours
If your down for mine
Cause a love like ours
Ain?t easy to find


What you want goldilocks
Money can?t buy
But it?s scotch made divine
Styles like calvin klein
Design for the masses
No style you sport clashes
Hazardous to the health of all men
Beauty descends, dividends, lust remains
Heavenly same my intent ignites flames
Exclaim, never complain
To give you affection
If being rights, so wrong
You never need correction
Most definitely you get the best of me in time
If lovins what I need
You supply all kinds
I see your brown eyes scheming from across the room
Checking me out but you look away....
No reason to gaze
Look where the game
Competitions the same
Too many heinas lookin good
For me and you to keep playin
So what it be
I?m down for whatever you need
Just me and you
Hand in hand
Roaming through ecstasy


Down for yours, down for mine, oooooo....
Down for yours if you?re down for mine
More bounce for my g?s
You?re my computer love
More bounce g?s
Down for yours if you?re down for mine
Down for yours if you?re down for mine
I want to be your g, baby, I want to be your g
Yes I do

Jesus fellas

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