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Artist: Nastyboy Klique
Song Title: Radio Song
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Everytime I hear this song playin on the radio,
It just reminds me of,how much I love you so.
EveryTime I think of you,I just want to call you boy,
to let you know that I will always be there for you.

What's going on baby girl its been a long, long,time that I,
told you what im feeling inside.
You know it seems to me that all I think about
is you, ruby red lips to the way you move your hips
I'm trying to be the perfect man
always gettin lost in love down for yours on this AZ side
I'm crusing in my limit and your always on my mind
it's even better when your right
there by my side
I'm analyzing what you say and what you do
and everybodys jealous cause I'd rather be
with you
but that's aight and maybe scandalous too
reservations at the marriot a suite for two
time flys we over look the city lights from the mountain tops
u be pressin' that rewind
slow jams, long stems tell me what you want to have
I want to be the one to give you everything.


Now from the view I've been lookin at lookin at you
clown other guys
creepin threw the crowd
thinkin they can
while you just loungin thinkin of me in the lime light to get
your life change something
and I know most of em are like the one before em
so ignore em and a playa for
me will thank you for it
for the throwed of your loving alones
to have the hardest playas hard on for
every second your gone
and thats aight to let your ice shine brown eyes
light skin big lips with latin
vibes and I knew why she was
quick to pass by cuz I kept looking and
I wondered to myself if I had been
mistaken for a player heart breaker
who laid with a few numbers too many for you
but who you gonna listen to a lier whos
trying to take your heart
or someone who had it from the start and never disregarded it girl

Hey Mr. DJ could you play my favorite song
cause everytime you do I'm thinkin of my boo
please Mr. DJ could you play it one more time
and dedicate it to my baby baby baby tonight.

Your my date its lookin kind of cool
everytime your walkin by you lookin so good always catchin my eyes
wondering if you would be down like I'm down with you
did your girl tell you I wanna
hook up with you
sometimes I'm think of you when your loungin at home
are you thinkin of me when they
play your favorite song
we both always hesitate to pick up the phone
let it ring hang it up say you probably
ain't home
you make me feel different everytime I'm around you
ain't no girl ever can make me feel
the way u do
so lets make this happen lets hook up for this date
well both gear up and pick
you up at 8
you driving me crazy and I don't know why couldn't approach you
with these feeling
that I feel inside
now its summer time rollin by my side
should of know from the date you were down
to ride.

Everybody who's got somebody,
who makes you feel so good inside,
to everybody who's got somebody
show your love
dedicate this song to them


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