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Artist: Natalia
Song Title: Too Late
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I see my picture on you?re wall
You said you?d taken it down uhu uhu

Is that my number on speed dial?
Guess it?s taking you awhile uhu uhu

You go around like we?re done
But we?ve only begun
Tell the truth to yourself
You might as well

If it?s too late
Why are we talking on the telephone?
If it?s too late
Why do I always get to take you home?
If it?s too late
If we are over
Should be colder
You?re not walking away
Why do you stay

Is this the way you say goodbye
You should try a little harder uhu uhu

Cause your drivin me insane
Your convictions always change uhu uhu

You go around
Like we?re done
But we?ve only begun
Tell the truth to yourself
You might as well

Stop pretending we?re breaking up
We should be trying to make it up
Don?t you know what you mean to me
Don?t play me too much
Enough is enough

It?s too late ? too late

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