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Artist: Natasha St-pierre
Song Title: My Heart If You Will Swear
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You mount your horse so straight and fair
You look like you belong here
So strong and right and four square
No other man can compare

Or maybe you don't really care
Just look for pleasure out there
And always get your share
Is there a heart in you somewhere ?

My heart is pure and so rare
If you are hurt I'll be there
We'll start again from nowhere
You'll have my heart if you will swear
You'll have my heart if you will swear
That you will hang

I'm not a little girl now
I'll show you that I know how
I'll show you how I can be
You think that I am so pure
I tell you don't be so sure
I can be wild and free

Your words of love are hard to bear
Your promises are thin air
My heart is hard and I don't care
I'll leave you hanging out there

Unloose my belt, let down my hair,
Come take if you dare
Your love is all I want to swear
You'll have my heart if you will swear
You'll have my heart if you will swear
That you will hang

You'll have my heart if you will swear
You'll have my heart if you will swear
That you will hang
That you will hang
The Zingara

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