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Artist: Natasha thomas
Natasha thomas Author
Album: Save Your Kisses (2005)
Natasha thomas - Save Your Kisses Album
Song Title: More than friends
Genre: Pop
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Why are we just friends? I can not pretend
When all I do is kiss you, I'm gonna
Have to let you know the truth
Cause it feels so right, when you're there by my side
Always smiling back at me
But do you feel like I feel, it's driving me crazy
I don't know, so gotta let you know...

Cause I wanna be more than friends, I'm insecure
But I can't pretend, my heart is thorn and just wont mend
till I'm with you, so do you wanna be more than friends?
I can't look into your eyes again,
if you tell me that I'm just a friend
But I have to know...

Damn boy, you're so finde
I can't seem to get you of my mind
Cause all I seem to do is spend my time
wishing that you're hand
was holding mine...


Even though I'm sacred, though I'm terrified
I don't really mind, I just wanna find out if you're in love
If you have a crush on me, baby
I would hate to see it got the other way, and ruin everything
In just one day, but it's a chance
I'm a have to take... break...
Oh no... oh no

Chorus (2x)

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