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Artist: Natural
Song Title: Put Your Arms Around Me
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how am i suppose to wait when the nights last forever?
when am i suppose to stop missing you when i know ill never?
times moving slowly, im standing still.
come back and say that you will...

put your arms around me
your the one and only
ill be here if u let your heart show the way.
come lay down beside me
put ur arms around me.
ill be here when the dawn meets the day

you tell me not to count the days,
and i dont im down to hours.
no matter what you tell me over the phone
i wanna see it in your eyes (your eyes)
cant put my arms around a photograph
not from the days we've gone back


only you can revive me
and save me from a broken heart.
i wanna have you beside me
together make a brand new start

~*CHORUS*~ (repeat 3x

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