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Artist: Natural Vibrations
Song Title: Get It Right
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Life is short, don't be late
We're in no rush to see the pearly gates
You got to live your life, take a stand
Never forget about your fellow man

Get it right, get it right
We don't care about your power or might
Get it right, brothers and sisters, get it right (get it right, yeah)
Sweet, sweet delight, delight
Sweet, so sweet delight

Sun is rising, the rain will fall
Living simple and we're standing tall
Getting it together, its the start of a brand new day
Wrap your arms around me, with a will there'll be a way


Children playing, singing songs
Smiling faces and the vibes are strong
Getting it together, you know they don't care
So don't be afraid of what goes on out there


I said my heart is beating, I know I'm scared
Feeling butterflies and unaware
With positive vibrations, positive ways
Positive intentions making positive days

Get it right, get it right
We don't care about your weight or your height
Just get it right, brothers and sisters
Get it right, get it right
Sweet, sweet delight...delight
Sweet, so sweet delight

Flat, eh, that last note

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