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Artist: NB RIDAZ
Song Title: Sometimes i wish
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I know that this question raises all kinds of issues

in my mind, and this question is do you believe

in Christ? Because i believe that what we expierence

and ah and its not being talked about openly enough

was pure evil.

Sometimes i wish this world was just a crazy

dream, sometimes things arent what they are meant

to be, or what they seem.

Sometimes i wish this world was one big dream

so many tragedies, life threatning disease in

reality who can we blame for these things? So

we pray for the families and the souls of the

people shot dead they cry, roaming through the

halls of the schools at night. My homie

Joseph in Texas, 14 years old police took his

life at his front door. Maybe humans have

converted into a beast. Can we really point

the finger at just one thing? Is it a sign

of the time or just the beginning i pray

to God to help me keep living. Jealousy

and envy and so much hate, newborn babies

thrown in garbage cans every day.

In the lobby of a hospital a young girl dies, no

money to pay so she pays with her life.


How many times must we ask ourselves why,

and how many times must we watch our children die?

Remember the times we were united as one growing

up as a child life was always fun. Time have

changed and its been for the worst. Trials and

tribulations that we face of course, time to put

our foot down lets get to know our young ones

before the next tragedy becomes the realest one.

1999 this year is half was over. Lessons not learned,

how your learning i couldve told ya. Maybe this

happened for a reason only the Lord knows why. And

this is for us to open up our eyes cause death awaits

us at any given time. My love goes out to those

whos souls rest tonight, and all we can do is just

ask ourselves why? Wish this wouldnt be all we can

do is pray and cry.


Things change for the wrong we cant go on this long.

Hand in hand right by your side, i love it then

and no more cry so if i was to go to tonight, ill

pray that youll be alright. One Lord one might rejoice,

one soul unite one voice.

Pray for all of us, Father let us not take

things for granted, and please let us count

each and every one of our blessings Father.

Now generation X is what they call it whys that?

Is it because this is where it all ends at, to

go to war we dont need to be over seas. Its been

declared out in the streets, gangs, thugs,

moving drugs, government officials, blackmarket,

military guns.

Is this why you gave us the right to bare arms? To

hit armagedon head on? Read between the lines its

Genesise, and now the youth just dont smoke weed,

they got things like man made methaphetamines

never letting the young souls dream. And whats

to do? When our youth is being mentally,

physically, sexually abused. How do we change

when its all put in our brains, money, sex,

power, the year 2K. And everyday i watch

the news it shows me how

close we are to Judgement day, and

so for its all worth i Pray.


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