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Artist: Necro
Necro Author
Song Title: Cocaine Dumptruck
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This is my corel presnetation

On drug elimination

Its going out to nations

Like Columbia and Chile

They send that shit to Philly

Make my brain go illy, ya'll


I hop in my dumptruck (dumptruck!)

Playas want to buttfuck (buttfuck!)

If the red river flows (buttfuck!)

Take that cocaine road my niiaaa (dumptruck!)

We call that shit blow

And like a gay homo

Shit'll take you to the disco

it gives my flows go

So when I dive into a show

Lyrics evasive like your ho


Fuck the south, this is dirty north

When I first tried coke

I tried sex

with what I thought was a horse

See the keys to my Porche?

Donkies are all about that shit


[Chorus]: X2

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