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Artist: Necromantia
Necromantia Author
Song Title: Scarlet Witching Screams
Genre: Rock
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Turn from the light and live for eternity

A mesmerizing whisper

I once heard in a dream

And blood painted my dream scarlet

Sending my soul to sleep

I dreamed a purple night sky

Which I crossed on black wings

I met the Queen of Darkness

Destined to be my bride

And blood painted my dream scarlet

Sending my soul to weep

I once dreamed of a tower

Of black ebony stone

Surrounded by three rivers

Flegethon, Acheron and Styx

And blood painted my dreams scarlet

Drowning my soul in grief

I dreamed of frozen caverns

Bathed in pale moonlight

Unearthly bat-like figures

Were resting in the vault

And blood painted my dream scarlet

Marking my soul to deep

I once dreamed of a grey wolf

Which came and licked my hands

I gazed into the beast's eyes

And saw that I must hunt

And blood painted my dream scarlet

Upsetting my soul from sleep

And now I dream of myself

Transformed and born again

Free from the earthen death tides

Entering dreams of others

And blood paints my dreams scarlet

Sending my soul to feed

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