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Artist: Negura Bunget
Negura Bunget Author
Song Title: IIII
Genre: Rock
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In padure urla lupii, ger napraznic sa porneste
Tat in cale inlemneste, impietreste si topeste.
Colo sus la nalt da munte, neaua-i d-un genunche,
Vintu cind a bate, prin oi o razbate.
Drept viteaz, sub namete-m sta, baci batrin imi asculta
Daspre tat si toate, intelept il invata,
Ciinele si fluieru alunga-ncet doru, dor da tat si toate
Al de-a lumii date.
D-afara crivatu mugeste, neaua cum cerneste
Intunericu patrunde, neagra noapte inconjoara tat.
Gadinet incet isi misca gitu...
Si dodata... sa porneste!
Haita lupului, chiar din Luparie!
Ceru inghetat si negru, da indata-l trece.
Buturuga, ruga; si bustean. Fa da lumineaza,
Lemnu strimb ce foc-l indreapta,
Cu-a ta putere, si intelepciune, da ma dumireste.
Jos pa deal da vale, 'nalta vale,
Unde cercu-nconjoara, 'nconjoara si dasparte
Ce-i d-afara, da ce-I. Ii! D-al lupului. Si bradului!

[English translation:]

Wolves are howling in the winds, a sudden frost
Freezing, hardening and melting everything in its way.
Up there, in the mountains high,
As winds start to blow, passing through the sheep.
A true brave, sits under the snow drift, listening to the old shepherd words
Telling about all things, wisely teaching him.
The hound and the shepherd's flute throw away the longing
For worldly needs.
Icy north wind roaring outside, sifting the snow
Darkness's crawling in, a black night encloses all.
Slowly the wolf's shaking its neck... and then, suddenly moves!
The wolf's pack, deep from the Wolf's Stars
Crossing instantly black and frosty sky.
Stump, and you, log, I'm asking you... shed the light upon me
Crooked wood straightened through fire,
Enlighten me with all your power and knowledge.
Down the hill into the valley, a

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