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Artist: Neil Finn
Song Title: Blancmange
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Chorus: Blancmange, blancmange we all love blancmange (Repeat)

the feeling of the soft blancmange
rubbing against your skin
gives you the urge to shout out loud
and make a nasty din


the greatest thing about blancmange
is putting it to use
the next best thing to eating
it is filling it with juice


my mother once made a blancmange
and put it in the sink
I noticed it when I walked in
and then it turned me pink


there's cream and jelly
and peices of real fruit
and once you get a taste of it
it makes you want to shoot!


I get annoyed when my blancmange
is all covered in skank
but when it's not it gets me hot
and makes me want to wuuuuuuhhhhhh


every time I eat blancmange
I feel just like a hunk
my favourite thing to do with it
is fill it up with (loud cough)

chorus x2


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