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Artist: Neil Finn
Song Title: Spirit Of The Stairs
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You see the truth
And you cannot hide
You're so in tune
You feel it inside

Justice revenge
Tickle all over
Lily and sword
Damnation, reward

The spirit of the stairs
Everyone thinks but no one dares
Wishes made a sad lament
After he's gone

Ridicule or envy
Now you can't forget me
I'm fixed in your mind
Like a knot in the twine

To the dark and pouring rain
Into the trap she sets again
Hear my wooden footsteps on her train
Hear my wooden footsteps again

Tough outer shell
But so you can tell
She's soft underneath
Where you sink your teeth

Look sad, too bad, you're tongue tied
How many times a day you're too dumb or too shy
Two, three, four, five, count the stairs
Spirit hears what I should have said
And she knows why

After she's gone

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