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Artist: Nek
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Song Title: Laura Is Away
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laura is away
she walked out the door
no one to live here anymore
and you ask me why
im wasting my time
over a girl no longer mine
my world is falling down around me
but she will never know
but i just cant forget her
laura is away
and i realized its crazy to see her in your eyes
im feeling lost like im going insane
dont want to drown you with my pain
tonight i want to tell there wasnt
forget about my past
but my heart keeps beating faster
'cause baby when we make love oh oh
sometimes i feel i fake love oh no
i know its a mistake but in your place
i can see laura here i see her face
see her face oooh oh oooo

laura is away she locked out with key
laura is no longer part of me
even though i keep asking why
i cant believe she said goodbye
when i think about her moving slowly and another sweet embrace
there is no way I can replace her

'cause baby when we make love oh oh
sometimes i feel i fake love oh no
i know its a mistake but in your place
i can see laura here i see her face
see her face oooh oh oooo

why is it so difficult to be
what we feel deep down inside us
i believe its logical
but although i try to forget her
she is here

i dont want you to be the other woman just a chick or a special friend
but its hard not to pretend now

'cause baby when we make love oh oh
its not quite the same love oh no
unfortunately in this song laura is here
im so sorry but i know that laura is here
'cause baby when we make love
'cause baby when we make love
'cause baby when we make love

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