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Artist: Nelson Willie
Nelson Willie Author
Album: Across The Borderline (1993)
Nelson Willie - Across The Borderline Album
Song Title: Getting over You
Genre: Blues
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Why do I still write why do I still call
Why do I still think there's hope for us at all
These are the tings I hate but they're the things I do to get over you
Sunsets make me cry old pictures make me grin
But I don't really care to see your face again
These are the things I say but they're so hard to do like gettin' over you
You gotta believe that there's a reason that we surrender up our hearts
But there's a vantage point and it takes some time to find
Where you can see how all the pieces fit as you watch 'em fall apart

Now I don't think it's right and you don't know what's wrong
My heart keeps asking me just where do we belong
It's not as though my life ain't hard enough to do try gettin' over you
[ guitar ]
You gotta believe that there's a reason...

Now other people say stop living in the past
But when there's nothin' left it's your memory that lasts
It's later than you think but still this isn't through this gettin' over you
Now it's later than you think and still this isn't through this gettin' over you

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