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Artist: Neneh Cherry
Neneh Cherry Author
Song Title: Inna City Mamma
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New york - just like i pictured it - skyscrapers and everything
Inna city love, you crushed me into a pulp - i trusted you

When i loved you from a distance
And your skyline made me a promise
In my safe world to be somebody
In your city to own your streets
Where i'd strut covered in money
Shattered dreams. it ain't funny

Now i look at you with tears in my eyes
The good the bad the ugly
As i start to cry i search for the sky
Taste the breeze and watch a block of docking clouds, they're coming.

Inna city mamma
You bore another child to be victim of
Your cold blooded ways
Inna city love
From the gutter
So destructive when you sing your blues

I want to love you baby
I don't mean maybe baby, but i need everything you got

You can't break your promise

I'm inna city hunger, you think you're tough i'm stronger
If you're weak i'll eat you up
I'm gonna touch you where you've never been touched before
And by your spine i'll bruise your veins and touch your very core
Let my concrete be your red carpet
My shooting galleries your personal starship
Give me all your dreams, this city loves you

Use my roots to deliver your body
Under my skies where you make your money
You rejected love, but this city loves you


Inna city love, inna city mamma, inna city love
You hurt me - real bad - inna city love
You meant to love me and you cut me up into too many little pieces
But i wanna love you
I trusted you and you crushed me into a pulp
Inna city mamma

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