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Artist: Oar
Oar Author
Album: Any Time Now (cd1) (2002)
Oar - Any Time Now (cd1) Album
Song Title: Destination
Genre: Rock
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destination, rock steady
destination, people get ready
destination, i'm lovin you all the time
destination, i love your rhymes
don't miss my train

on the one got the kick drum
the two is a gift for you
oh my baby the three, all for me
four split between us two
i said i'm off to the dance hall
don't matter the day of the sun
well ya'll can hide if you want to
sound system gonna find you on the run

destination, rock steady
destination, people get ready
destination, i love you this time
destination, i love your rhymes
don't miss my train, no

say whoa (whoa)
say yeah (yeah)
say whoa (whoa)
c'mon yeah (yeah)

say whoa (whoa)
say yeah (yeah)
c'mon whoa (whoa)
c'mon yeah yeah, yeah, yeah

i'm off to the dance hall
my baby, won't ya come with me
well i can feel your hips movin against me side tonight
and you're looking so lovely
oh, the one for the kick drum
two for you
three, all for me
but i got one more for the four baby doll
would you like to come back with me

destination, rock steady
destination, people get ready
destination, i love you this time
destination, i love your rhymes
but don't miss my train
don't miss my train, no
i'll meet you at the station

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