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Artist: Oar
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Song Title: Heard The World (Live)
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I just heard the world
Is breaking out.
In bits again, what am I to do?
And you just want me to stay here.

So, I'm just going to stay here,
With you.

Wiped out,
Been thinking too much,
And I'm alone.

I read somewhere
That I should shut myself in from the world.
But if my world is crumbling down,
I don't want to be alone.

And if the world is coming down,
Baby, come back home.
Won't you come back home and be with me?

Just heard from the television man
That I'm done;
And I cannot call you girl.

My telephone line, too busy for me
But I need to get through:
To you.

And if my world is crumbling down,
I don't want to be alone.

And if my world is crumbling down,
Baby come back home.
Won't you come back home? (And live with me)

I just heard, that we're going to be okay;
And this world is going to be fine.
And I'm still here alone,
And I'd like for you to please come home (And be with me).

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