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Artist: Oar
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Song Title: Short A Try
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i'm picking up these broken pieces again
i'm feeling like i'm lost and all i do is find you there
we've been here before
i'm never coming back again, not again
tomorrow is too soon for you my dear
i pushed you oh so far away when all i do is want you near
well i've been here before
not coming back again
and i can't sleep

because pretenders never sleep with a smile
it's hard enough to wake up after awhile
and even though i say i'm feeling fine
i'm locked up, loaded down, short a try

have i told you lately that i love you
have i told you that i hold nothing there above you
we've been around here before
we're never coming back again, not again
i love the way you walk
the way that you talk
the way you live
the way that you give me everything you promised you would
if i could, i'd be here
i can't
well i can't sleep

because pretenders never sleep with a smile
it's hard enough to wake up after awhile
and even though i say i'm feeling fine
i'm locked up, loaded down, short a try

i wish to god that i been there for you my dear
there's so much pushing me all around, i'd love to hold you near
and i don't expect you to stay
and i'm never gonna ask you why
because i'm locked up, loaded down, short a try
i'm locked up, loaded down
and i'm short a try


Different version of song performed by OAR at Northberg

Im locked up and Im down
Locked away
Its been a thousand times since I seen you come my way
Ive been here before but I wont be back again, back again.
The table

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