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Artist: One Minute Silence
One Minute Silence Author
Song Title: 16 Stone Pig
Genre: Alternative
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Never know what life is gonna throw at you
Never know what life is gonna throw at you

They say he struggled they say he fell
I say he found himself black in a pig cell

Never know what life's gonna throw at you
Based on a true story

Kill it rape it rob it take it
Build it break it move it shake it
Bigger better brighter faster
Tickets for the ever after
Burn it bomb it carpet bomb it
Wake up want always on it
Start it stop it fuck 'em drop it
Pass the popcorn shut the fuck up

Pop it chop it snort it sorted
Can't escape it some abort it
Wear it hide it chance it ride it
Live it write it shit exploit it
Love it hate it take it leave it
Try it buy it want it be it
Suck it fuck it say it mean it
Close your eyes and never see it

Never know what life is gonna throw at you

Love it hate it take it leave it
Try it buy it want it be it
Suck it fuck it say it mean it
Close your eyes and never see it

For what it's worth

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