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Artist: One Voice
Song Title: Swing Your Love 2 Me
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1st Verse:
Hey baby boy, ya get down with a girl
That don't appreciate you
What you waiting for
There's someone standing here
That'll treat you like a real man
She don't care about you
Can't you understand
You need to take my hand
Holla back
Playa let me know
If you feel the need
Won't you come get with me
She don't have to know
We can creep
And keep it on the low
Or you can
Make me your woman
Boy what you waiting for
Show that girl the door

Swing your love to me
Swing your love to me
When in need (won't you)
Swing your love to me
Swing your love to me
Swing your love to me
Feel the need (won't you)
Swing your love to me

2nd Verse:
Hey mistah don't hesitate
To swing your love in my way
This wake up call is opportunity
To correct a mistake now
And if you need instruction
Boy I'll show you how --oh--
You need a woman
Who can treat a man
Like he must be treated
From all your memories
Home girl must be deleted now
She don't love you boy
And she's never around


She ain't got nothing on Me
It don't take much to see
That she can't handle you
She can't move you
She can't groove you
She can't do you like i do you
Rub your body
With my fingers
You got to
Swing your love to me


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